Sunday, May 25, 2008

Church -I'm just annoyed!- A RANT

Ok my husband grew up going to a Christian church. A little while before him and I started dated he stopped going to church. I on the other hand was not brought up in the church but still consider myself a Christan but I also have some other beliefs as well. If my Grand Mother F had anything to say about it I would have been in church my whole family would have been. She past away when I was in 3rd or 4th grade from a long battle with cancer. I know she would have really liked us to go to church. Anyways. J and I have been together for a lil over six years now. We have went to church once in that time. His family always asks us to come to church they go all the time and are very into the Church thing. I have issues with the "Church thing" though. And J has some issues as well but they are not all the same as mine. And thats ok. Well yesterday J decide he wants to go to church today and I told him that was fine I would see him afterwards. I feel bad for not wanting to go with him though. But lets outline some of my issues I guess that may help.

1. Should church not teach compassion to all.. not just humans? I mean come on now.. Thou Shalt not kill.... It doesn't say Thou shalt not kill humans.. screw the animals! we have dominion over them anyways!... I just can't see going to a church where it is ok to mass breed, cruelly treat & confine, and slaughter living, breathing, feeling, sentient beings.... That all in its self pisses me off. Churches having chicken & pig roasts ... etc.. come on.... it seriously makes me want to vomit! Ok I could keep going on on this one thing but I will go to my next..

2. I feel like Church puts religion into a crackerjacks box.. I feel that they want you to uphold everything THEY think the bible means... Everything.. even though Thou shalt not kill... they don't uphold.. I feel like every time I turn around a lot of people at church will pass judgment on you.. If u have tattoos, piercings then ur going to hell.. it you believe anything other then what is written directly in the bible then u are going to hell. If you dress in black you must be friends with the devil.. and guess what.. U my friend are going to hell..! . I could sit here all night and complain about that too..

3. Next.. Over the centuries how many times has the Bible been changed and stuff taken out and added.. I mean there are books that are totally left out. The translations are not always right. Things have been put backwards and redone and who knows what the original profits wrote? Who knows if the whole book is just a made up fabrication of what someone decided the world should be? I mean be a decent, caring, compassionate person.. take care of the earth.. the beings on the earth.. the things god gave us . Don't take it for granted. Put a kind hand & heart out to all.. How hard is that? Even if your not a religious person.. Be spiritual...because thats what matters...

I could sit here and keep listing things that bug me about church but I think I will stop at that... Is it wrong that I don't go to church? Is it wrong that I don't go if my husband wants to? Is it wrong that I believe some Christian beliefs along with some earth based beliefs????

O yeah... at the baby shower the Pastor ( who was even the pastor who Married J and I) was raving about pepperoni roles ( I know if you don't live in WV most people don't know what they are. It is just bread with pepperoni sometimes cheese & peppers) any ways. He kept going on and on... about how the grease needs to soak into the bread and it nothing without .... who knows but I bet he was talking about it for like 5 minutes along with some other meats... It was so over whelming to me.. I just wanted to cry... How.. can people not see the suffering in which they cause?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am done for now... Who knows I may be back with more later... lol

A Baby Shower -Amanda

Today was "J"s sister Amanda's Baby shower. Instead of all girls all of the family was invited. That was really nice. I love going to events with "J". So we showed up early and helps decorate (classic pooh theme). I chopped up some veggies. Nothing to There were games. Decorate a room, stroller dorby, & the men had to race to dress the baby dolls .lol.. All the games were good. For the food there was lots of veggies, salad, the vegan cookies I made, cake, and meat.. yuck.. There was every type you could possibly thick of. I didn't know how much the smell of meat bothered me till today. The chicken wing smell I can deal with it doesn't really bother me. But there was actual meat balls in some kind of sauce and a meat tray w/ I think salami & roast beef plus others ( I wouldn't swear to it I didn't really look at it) But between the two I thought I was going to pass out. I'm pretty sure it was mostly the meat balls but I got so sick so fast. I couldn't believe it. That has never happened before. So any ways. The rest of the day was good. I had a big salad and some pickles & crackers.
Last night J and I went shopping for the baby shower. I love to shop and I love to buy gifts for people. It takes me for ever to pick things. So I was at Target for like 2 hours. For just a couple things. I ended up purchasing a Munchkin Bottle holder, a munchkin thing that helps your baby switch to whole veggies. (I love that thing I def have to get one), wrist rattles, a cow duck... lol, 2 Boxes of Organic Baby Cereal, a Classic Pooh passi & Clip & safety things for the plug ins. She doesn't know if she is having a boy or girl yet. So this is the first shower I have ever went to and didn't buy clothing. Anyways. I have to see what she didn't get so after she finds out whats she is having I can get her a couple more things. Over all It was a very nice and fun Baby shower.

I have a gripe for today besides the meat thing though. Well lets say this about the meat at a baby shower.. I don't feel... for one... anything should be celebrated by causing death & cruelty. And every shower I have been to has had meat. Why celebrate life with the death of a sentient being or any being? I don't understand.. at all.. anyways next gripe. I have grown up living in the same town I do now. I have lived beside the same family for most of my life. Today while I was helping clean up at the baby shower, They were going to give me the extra lettuce for my rabbit. Well I simply said thanks you but my rabbit past away a little while again. So really load to the whole kitchen "C" the neighbor I grew up beside said..."O so that rabbit finally died. Its about time. You have had it for ever." Why feel the need to say something like that to someone who has had a loss.? I just felt it was very rude especially in the manner and tone in which she said it. But thats most of my gripes for the day.. Over all it was a pretty good day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen Necessities .... :)

Today I went out with my Mom. We went to a couple different stores. These are my two new kitchen finds. Kitchen Aid Mini Silicone Pans($.50 yes .50 cents at a discount store) & the cutest set of salad bowls I have ever seen. ($12.99 original price $39.99) The salad bowls came with oil & Vinegar containers, dipping bowls, salad paddle things (lol), and 4 bowls and a Big bowl. Its so cute! anyways I did also purchase a kitchen aid 2 quart ceramic baking dish, professional series ($6.99 I don't know what the original price is but they are normally $29-39.99) , and an indoor mini grill( which was $20.00). I didn't even spend that much money. Plus a few Small tools like a Kitchen aid Ice cream scoop for $2.99. So I did have a nice shopping day!!! I know not to interesting but I thought it was better than nothing plus I can't wait to use all of it. I LOVE purchasing new kitchen stuff.. Its like cook books.. You can never have to many.. You know why even stop at cook books.. I love books in general.. anyways..
I have figured out in the last couple days that I can listen to Vegan Freak Radio on line!!! I have no other Vegetarians or vegans to talk to. Except online sometimes and my husband. I have been listening to all the past podcasts. It is great to hear from other Veg/ Vegans....!

(From the left Dav, Dan, & John)
We had a visitor from out of town. Dan was in from NC and "J" and I was invited to have dinner at "J"s families house. I was very surprised when they had purchased... let me add for the first time ever! Boca Burgers for "J" and I. I couldn't believe it. We normally really don't have anything to eat when we go for dinners. Maybe some veggies. I'm not sure how they would feel about me bringing a dish so I have never tried. And I have really never sat down and talked to anyone about it. So maybe its my fault. I don't know. I just don't want them to think that I am shoving my beliefs in there face. So I try not to even mention it actually. So it is really hard there sometimes. Normally I eat before I go and just pick at the veggie tray if there is one. But today we got to eat with everyone else and that was really nice. I didn't have to feel all weird. I thanked them multiple times and I hope they know how much we appreciate them providing us with that. We had a really nice time tonight with everyone.

But thats about all that has been going on. I still haven't really started my garden. I thought I had a start on things along time ago but all the plants died. I think I left them in the bathroom for to long but it was still to cold out side. So .. Now I have to start all over. So I have been moving slow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shepards Pie & Cookies

Today "C" helped me make cookies. I am making cookies for my Sister-N-Laws baby shower this coming Saturday. So I thought I would try some of the recipes out of The Joy of Baking. They both Turned out great. I make the Chocolate Chip Cookies pg 110 & the Peanut Butter cookies pg 116. For some reason every time I try to make Chocolate chip cookies they come out wrong. But this recipe came out great. Last 4th of July I made Chocolate chip cookies with the recipe from PPK I think and they turned out awesome too. I made it probably 4 or 5 times. The last 5 times I have tried to make that recipe it has turned out offal for some reason. I even tried the recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance and it didn't turn out for me either. I think that might be the same recipe on the PPK though. I'm not sure. Anyways this is the first times in 8 months that I have been able to make Chocolate chip cookies that turned out great. I know that sounds really dumb. I don't know why I have been having such trouble making cookies. Just my luck I guess. If u knew me you would know I don't have the best luck at all. The peanut butter cookies turned out nice. A little fluffier then any other peanut butter cookie I have had. I couldn't even put the cross hatches on them because they were sticking to the fork. But they tasted good. "J" and my mom really liked them. I am not much for Peanut better cookies. I will probably try some more cookie recipes before the end of the week.. So check back for more pictures.

For dinner we had Shepards Pie Based on the recipe from Racheal Rays new Yum-O cook book I checked out from the Library yesterday. I just switched out some of the flesh for soy meats. I used Boca & Morningstar. I also added beans and Corn. It turned out great. Have I mentioned I have never had Shepards Pie and neither has "J". Neither of us really had a huge variety growing up. So I know on most posts its labeled with I have never had this. O well. Just letting u know. But this turned out really tasty. "J" really loved it he finished all of it after I had one serving. But thats ok. Nothing to in depth today as if any of my posts are.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Erythema Nodosum is back-

Personal Woman Related info Below... If you don't want to know details about Menses and health related issues then don't read !

It has been 9 months since my last outbreak. I am heart broken to have them back. I thought it had finally gone away. I have been living with this since I was about 11 or 12. So almost 13 years. This is the only break I have ever had. For 9 months I thought it had finally went away. You know to get into details it is going to be a little personal but I am going to. I would like someone to come across this one day and maybe be able to tell me what is causing it or maybe that someone else has the same exact occurrence. So here goes.

I got my first MC when I was 11 or 12. Right after that I started having EN outbreaks. I never really put one and two together until the last couple years. I have never had a regular menstrual cycle. Not since I began and not now.. seriously not ever. My MC runs about every 3 months. Meaning sometimes its a month sometimes a month in a half but most of the time three months or more. I don't mind that. I never have. I would throw my uterus away and get rid of the whole thing if I did not want to have kids one day. lol . anyways. When I get my MC once a month the EN doesn't show up but if it is more then a month it starts. I was on birth control for a while about 5 years ago. Went off of them and the got back on them right before my husband came back from Iraq. About 3 years ago. I was on Sesanal. So every three months I was supposed to have a cycle. But it didn't always happen that way and I kept the EN for practically the whole time I was on the BC. Not mentioning the fact that when I was on the BC I bled for over a month straight. They did and ultra sound and found nothing. I decided to go off my BC for moral & ethical reasons. Because the hormones come from horses. Anyways. I kept the EN for a while after that but slowly it went away. But every month and a half it would come back when I missed my MC. That happened till last year. The last EN out break I had was in July- Aug. Then it went away. My MC became normal once a month & less painful. Now I am about 3 weeks late for my MC and no I am not prego I have already tested to make sure. It kinda makes me wonder if I will be able to have a baby one day. Anyways I started getting sore spots on my legs last week sometime and today My first visible bump started showing on my right leg. So I almost know It has something to do with my hormones. I have been to the DR. a few times. Every time they tell me something different and almost never do anything to help. So what do I do if the DR.s are no help? I am so tired of this!


I don't know how many of you have found this. Probably alot. I am probably the last person to find it. don't know. I have had it since I finally got my DSL and I really like it. I down loaded it from I think. but it does all kinds of stuff and supports a lot of different programs for bloggers, pictures, media... the list goes on and on. It has news feeds. And all kinds of stuff. So I just wrote to say try it out. Its nice Alot of information on greening up your life!!!

Bird flu in Seoul- Copy and past below...

Bird Flue in Seoul Article click here
I have read articles in the past about the bird slaughters do to Bird flu. I haven't seen any in a while and was wondering what was going on with the epidemic. It is shameful to see these atrocities happen to living beings. After all it is due to human interference and confinement of millions of animals for food. I guess what I am getting at is I don't see how people can decide well if we kill all of the Chickens, Turkeys, etc here it will solve the problem. Because by the time the problem has been spotted it has been spread to other places and it is all due to selfishness. Humans are helping the spread of so many diseases by mass farming. Ignorance? Maybe I'm not sure. But when the information is there. Can you still call it that? Or does it become stupidity? How can people decide to live this way when their children will have to grow up in the world they are creating? I would hate to see the world be over taken with a "plaque" that was caused by selfish stupidity. Any disease at all is horrible. ok I think I am done with my rant for now...

There is a difference in PLUMBING- HAHA

We found this painted on a plumbers garage in Pittsburgh. We were lost and just so happened turned in their driveway. Thats all...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Trip to Pittsburgh

Today was a very long day. I got 3 hours of sleep last night, we left at 8:20am and didn't make it back till 10:45 pm. So I am so tired. So I will tell u a little about our day. As if anyone actually cares. I will try not to make it to grueling. This morning I got up and baked the Cinnamon roles from They Joy of vegan baking and they turned out great. I think the temp or the time is off in the recipe though Because I made some last night and the rest this morning and both times they kinda burned a lil. But they still tasted great. (and yes I have an oven thermometer. So it was the right temp). Then we left after all the nit picking of finding odds and ends that we needed to take with us. We made it to "J" work to drop of some info (he is on vacation this week) and then he had to stop to have breakfast. So lets just say we didn't make it to our destination till lunch hour 12 noon... Traffic and more traffic. So after fighting through traffic we finally made it to the National Aviary. It was a learning experience. Its always nice to learn something new about animals. We had a good time/ Bird were flying all around us but we were lucky enough to get out with out one drop of bird poop. I'm really not much one for zoo's or things of the such so going here was a little out of the norm for me. They showed us some of the rehabilitated animals and told us about there breeding program that returns bird to the wild. It was an ok place. They need more space though. But isn't that the norm in situations like that unfortunately. Anyways next was Trader Joes and thats when the problem started. No i know from a couple of trips there now that we can't just go through the Pitt tunnel twice (once in once out) we have to make it a normal back and fourth every 10 minute journey. So needless to say we went through the tunnels alot more than necessary and not on purpose. After a bit of searching some trial and errors & 2 hours later we finally found Trader Joes. Did I mention we searched for The Learning Cathedral too. But I gave up. We seen it in the distance on the way to Trader Joes though. We didn't try to search it down. Trader Joes was nice. I purchased a couple things there: Agave nectar, Maple Syrup, Aloe Vera, Soy Mango Ice cream, Veggie Corn Dogs, Organic Frozen broccoli, Organic lemonade, Fig bars, Soyaci, Organic apple cider vinegar, & a huge artichoke, the list goes on. Then we left to go to whole foods knowing where it was. Not five minutes from Trader Joes but we got detoured by one way roads and such so it took us more like 20min. I purchased in bulk on some items here. Like Organic Katchup, Organic Long grain brown rice, & Organic all purpose flour. I also purchased, O-Mustard, Blue Corn ships, O- salsa, natural parchment paper, and the list goes on. Nothing to exciting. We had a nice time today but I don't think I will go back any time soon. Maybe not ever again unless I have too. I am not one for driving in the city. It is stressful! I think the money I wasted driving there would have made up for the money I saved on the products I bought. Plus some. So I think unless we get a Whole Foods and Traders Joes closer we are done traveling clear out of the way to get some of the products I can't find here. I will post pictures soon. I promise!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunny Blueberry- Corn Muffins -VwaV

These muffins (pg 50) are a really good morning snack ( makes 12 muffins). I love them with a little butter flavored spread. I have made them a couple times now and they have turned out great every time. Even though the 2nd time I forgot to put the blueberries in had to fold them in last minute. So it was over stirred.oops. o well. "J" loves anything that is kinda like corn bread. He crumbles them up and puts them in Soy Milk. I was sleeping this morning and he comes in and wakes me up just to tell me that they are really good with the buttery spread.... Like I haven't told him that a hundred times... (we use smart balance light which is vegan and has a yummy buttery flavor). So try theses. They are your favorite blueberry muffin but in a corn bread texture. Really yummy!

I am in the process of getting ready to go back to Pittsburgh, PA. really to stock up at the Whole foods store on things that I can't get around here. Yes it is sad that I have to drive around 2 hours probably a little more to get to my nearest Whole foods. But living in WV is pretty hard to find some ingredients. And anything organic at a reasonable price. For a small jar of Organic plain ground up peanuts its around 5 dollars here and its a very small jar. Plus you really can't find anything w/o corn syrup! I hate corn syrup of any form and try to stay away from it at all costs. Its just a horrible market here. We really need a whole foods!!!! I don't know how many times I have wrote and requested one. There are no Whole foods stores in WV. Does anyone know why. I wrote and asked but no one wrote me back so. They can use wind towers here (which are a couple hours the other direction from me) but they can't put one of their stores here! Don't get me wrong if I could I would live at a whole foods store. I love them. Its just kinda annoying that there isn't one closer then about 2 hours away. Ok I am done... Now I am going to go cook some yummy treats for the trip !! Any reason to try new recipes!!!

O yeah' I finally got my three new books I ordered. I got them Saturday. They are The Joy of Vegan Baking, Vive Le Vegan, & A to Z Organic Gardening... ! Well I am going to use the Cin Role recipe and a cookie recipe out of the Joy of Vegan baking and I'm going to make a couple pizzas to take with us so I better get going. I will post again later to show you the results. As long as I don't forget to take the pictures!!! Byebye For now everyone...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Corn Fritters - Vegan with a vengeance

Tonight I decided to try the Corn fritters recipe on page75 of Vegan with a Vengeance. They turned out really yummy. But full of grease. Def not a figure friendly recipe. I ate a couple. "J" really like them he ate all the rest. I made two batches so there was alot. Grease makes me sick so I did not really get to enjoy to much. I ate cereal instead. But thats ok. Yeah they may look a little ruff but they still tasted good.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sun Burn 2008

Today I decided to help "J"start the remodel of our front porch and put up our fence for the dogs. Well I have never been a strappy kind of girl. This is the first year I have ever really wore a speg- strap shirt and so I really didn't think of the consequence of doing so... It was a nice breezy 65F degree day. And I really did not pay any attention. So now. I have started the spring.. not even the summer off with a very bad sun burn! I am so red that you can barely see my freckles! So everyone out there... Ware your sunscreen! lol.. Every year I get atleast one sun burn near the end of summer and I can't believe it is only May and I have killed my skin already.. Dumb Dumb Dumb..... lol

Vegan White Bean Gravy w. Vegan Biscuits- Vegan with a Vengeance

I started eating white beans a about a month ago mixed with my wheat pasta. To add some extra fiber to my daily diet. I started to think that they would probably make a nice gravy so one day I decided to try to make a white bean pepper gravy. I oped my Vegan with a Vengeance cook book for a new biscuit recipe to bake for the gravy and ran into a white bean gravy recipe. So I was very excited!!! I made the recipe. added some extra water and a lot of extra pepper. I love pepper in my gravy! It turned out awesome! I loved it. So this is just a blog to say if you haven't tried a white bean gravy do it! You won't be disappointed. In VwaV its on page 26-27. O yeah and I didn't add the tempeh. I have never had Tempeh to tell you the truth. I have some sitting in my freezer but have never tried it.
I also used the biscuit recipe from VwzV from page 26-27. They also turned out great.

I love to try everyones randishin of everyday recipes along w/ new recipes everyone comes up with!

Cali Roles

I have never made or ate them. But "J" needed something new for his lunch so I went ahead and made these. He loved them. I am making them again this week.
Recipe is listed below:

This makes alot!!!

4 Cups Packed Rice (I use brown but most people use white for suchi roles.)
1-1/2 pds Imitation Crab (make sure it is not the kind that is made out of fish!)
1/4 to 1/2 Cup Vegan nayonaise (how ever its spelled)
1-1/2 TB Organic Cane Sugar
1/8 ts Salt
3 Tb Rice Vinegar
Nori Sheets
Cucumber Slices
Dipping sauce of Choice
and a shusi mat if u have one. I don't I just use a paper towel.

The rice needs to be completely cooled before you use it. Or stick it in the fridge for a while.
While you wait for the rice. Put the imitation crab in a food processor or blinder and mix very well. Till the I-Crab kinda sticks together on its own. Don't turn it into paste though. This will cut down on the nayonaise. So there is less Cal or Fat. Put the well blended I-crab in a boil and mix with the nayonaise.

In a separate bowl mix the Vinegar, sugar, & salt so it dissolves. Then mix it in with the room temp rice. Let the rise get sticky icky..

next you just role them like sushi roles. Dip your fingers in water and the rice will not stick to them.Make sure you role them tight or everything will fall out! Make sure you include your cucumber. I forgot one and "J" was sure to point it out. So it must add something. And wet your knife down ever couple that you cut or it will rip the nori! Good luck

He loved them. I never tried them. I hate the smell of fish. Faux or not. So there was noway they were going in my mouth. But like I said... I promise he loved them.