Monday, March 30, 2009


It again has been a while since I have posted. Alot has been going on, I have been travel back and forth, I have been sick, and just plain busy or just not feeling like updating anything . So today I am going to take a couple of minutes to update what has been going on. A month or so ago I was traveling with my mother to and from her parents house helping to care for my Grandfather. He had terminal cancer and C-diff. He was treated for C-diff twice and was starting to get treated again and he past away. It has been very hard. This is something I didn't think we would be going throw this soon. I just can't help but to think about when they first started talking about removing his bladder. We thought he would recover and be with us for a while longer. And although he did start to recover he contacted C-diff right before leaving the hospital. We kept trying to treat it and he just kept getting weaker and weaker. It was really hard to watch and deal with. Then we had found out he had masses in his lungs. What we didn't realize is that the bladder cancer had matastized to his lungs and that Pittsburghs hospital just opted out of telling us anything about his lungs... But in the end it was the C-diff that took his life so soon. Before he had the surgery they gave him 2 years of life.... after surgery he had less than 2 months. And it was of poor quality. So it has been extremely hard. On top of that I had an erythema nodosum break out which lasted a month and a half and is still fading away. And the end of the EN outbreak always unleashes a massive head cold on me so I have been dealing with a stuffing head & aches.. and a snotting nose... We have still been traveling back and fourth to my grandmothers house trying to take care of all the bills and dealing with all of his stuff. I don't think the death of my grandfather has really hit my grandmother yet. She has been bust cleaning and wanting us to sort through his stiff. So we have been trying to. I takes alot. Alot of tear full moments including the one I am sitting here having as I write. I is so crazy how munch can change in such a short time. So we are still dealing... or trying to. So of the family are nit picking at each other and the stress just escalates the mood. Just a quick note... My grandfather (Pap) always had a garden.. and he would answer my questions when I plant mine and when I should plant it... I was so excited about planting this spring and now.. I don't have my Pap to help me... He used to give use the little potatoes and green beans and tons of squash and zucchini... corn.gourds.. it is going to be a tough spring and summer because every time I think of the garden I think of him.. and it breaks my heart that he is gone.

(Picture:Chey at Target the day my car broke down)O yeah I forgot to mention. Chey and I drove to Mo-town the day before Paps Viewing to get some clothes for the Viewing and funeral and what happens... My car breaks down.. It went into limp mode.. meaning it was stuck in 2nd gear and the speedometer went out. Lucky enough about a week after the funeral I was reading online and found out that the speed output censer had cone out. We bought the censer or at least what the parts store sold us as the out and it didn't work. Well they had sold us the In censer instead so we had to go get the out and luckily fixed the car. Plus I bought two new tires because mine were wearing uneven and you could see the metal belt on the one.. oops. O yeah and front breaks... at least the censer were only $20 a piece ... I was so afraid the TCM had gone out... I got off lucky with that for a change.

Next...We are getting 6 or 8 Chickens. I have been wanting Chickens for a few years now and we have finally had some many to build and coop and hoping to get the money to buy the rest of the materials for the enclosure soon. I am so excited but nervous at the same time. My aunt gave me Paps Chick water container and feeder. But I still have to get adult chicken supplies. I also have a bag of feed... not the kind I wanted. I wanted organic but could not find a bag any where. So the lady talked my husband into buying a 50lb bag of southern states crap.... so I still have to deal with that. He keeps telling me to use it then just get the good stuff when this runs out.. but I don't like that. So we will see. I might go to my bulk foods market and just purchase organic grain in bulk. I checked all the feed stores so I am still not sure what to do. We have the coop started. But since we have been so busy it has kinda been at a stand still. We have most of the wood already for it we just need the OSB for the sides or roof. I have osb for one but not the other. It has been so long since I bought it I couldn't tell you. I have started cleaning out a spot for the brooder and in a couple week we will have our babies.. I will definitely post pictures or them..

I haven't done much cooking lately. I have been lazy when I have been home. With the cold and everything I have just been down and lazy... I even got some new cook books and I haven't tried out anything in them yet... I got them in the mail the day of my Paps funeral. I got Vegan soups and healthy stews for all seasons & This crazy vegan life. Plus I bought the Green bible and The face on your plate. I haven't really got to look at any of them yet. I while back I even got Eating raw for dummies, Moosewood restaurant cooks for a crowd, my sweet vegan, and haven't had the time to try any of them.. there are a few more aswell... That is just sad.. some of those books I have had for 4 months. O yeah to read I also got Redemption, Harvest for hope, Heath, House, and so many more.. I don't even know where to start. I also have some cook books and pre-order through amazon....2 of Isa & Colleens new books... I am excited to start though... O yeah one quick fix... Whole wheat pasta with spinach, northern beans, and smart balance.. yum

Hopefully over the next few weeks and months stuff will even back out... And I will once again start updating.. keep checking back.... :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Grandfather Past Away

sooner then we all expected... write more later

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Damn Eyrthema Nodosum!!!!

Well as I posted a quick note on the 25th that my Eyrthema Nodosum had returned..and of course it is still here and getting worse.

Menstrual info below......
The EN started this time at the end of what I decided had to have been my menstrual cycle. I spotted for a week but never had any cramps and never felt like it had been my actual cycle. But I thought maybe I got off easy for a change.... yeah right I started getting the hives before the end of that and I still have them. I started my menstrual cycle again about 4 days ago now (why can't I have a normal cycle?)and the nodules were not really sore yet. A couple of them had grew to be quite a good size but were not to pain full but now as my menstrual cycle is calming down and hopefully ending they are getting extremely sore! I also feel awful w/ headaches, musucle and joint pain & my back really hurts.. so... I guess right now that it is just a waiting game to see how bad they will get. I will update again soon.