Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Porch biulding & Eyrthema Nodosum...

Well I have again been very busy. And when I'm not busy I have been sick. Fun times I tell you...!lol.. First off all day I have been kind of doing spring cleaning. Well at least when I feel like it. I have Eyrthema Nodosum. Which are nodules caused by many things. I have yet to pen point what is causing mine. So about 6 months out of the year on and off I have this breakout. Painful very painful. I also have joint pain and stomach sickness. Flu like symptoms, we will leave it like that. Anyways. I have had these for the last 3 weeks. Maybe more. So I have called off from work 2 days last week and now the doctor has told me not to go back till at least next Monday. Lets just say by the time I get back to work everyone is going to hate me.. :( So pain, housework, sick stomachs... Lets get to the new covered porch my husband is building. It is going to be screened in for the cats. My cats are totally indoor. They NEVER go out side. So I know they are going to love it. I can't wait for "J" to get done. Problem is we only have a car so lumber is hard to get home. Last weekend we brought home 6- 2x4's 4-2x6's and 4 cement porch blocks ( Which we never used.) Lets just say that is not a fun ride. We have a sports car. An Eagle Talon. Now this week end I am going to have to make the trip 2 times to get just the 20- 2x6's unless I find a truck. So Sorry No new posts. I have just been busy with other things. I do have some upcoming posts though. Hopefully in the next week I will cook a little.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Spaghetti & garlic bread

OK So. I guess I lied a little yesterday. I never ended up cooking today. I did how ever cook on the 14th and it was a simple quick meal. Vegetable spaghetti sauce, Whole wheat pasta, and turned some frozen bread into garlic bread sticks. It turned out really good. "J" Had been buggy me to have spaghetti for a week so. There is was.. He was all excited.. But i will try to cook in the next few days.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Farmers Market Visit.....

I don't reallyhave a local farmers market so today when I went to visit my grandparents I visited one above there house. I also went to a flea market. Some of the veggies are also from my grandparents garden (Squash, beans, cabbage) I only spent $5.60. I purchased 2 red tomatoes, 3 pickleing cucumbers, 2 huge zucchini, & 2 green peppers. So tomorrow I will be cooking... Till then.... Here is the pic of the yummy veggies...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Rain Rain & More Rain

Picture is property of "Time of West Virginia".Well we have been getting very little rain and it really hasn't stuck around to help with drought conditions. But Thursday it rained 2 inches in a very short time. So there was flooding everywhere. Here is a parking lot around a bowling alley in Fairmont.

Doggy Dominance/ Anger Managment

Chloe God I love Her. She is the best Pup ever but she has this dominance problem. She is ok with my parents Dogs but with any other dogs she will go straight up, chest out, growling. Well to nights accident takes Chloe Bounding across my back yard when my back is turned. She ends up at my neighbors house. Lets just say I really haven't met the new neighbors. They have lived there for a while now. But the only time I see them is at work when they come into shop. Any ways. Chloe bounds across the yard chest out and growling goes straight up to the dog and I am lucking he was standing there because he picked up his dog so Chloe couldn't mess with him. The neighbors dog was growling and Chloe was still growling.. It was awful... Stupid Stupid me. Chloe is normally so well behaved when we are in the yard. I keep her leash on her and let her walk around without me holding it. Well I need to figure out how to fix the dominance issues now... This is were my Animal training lacks... But I'm sure if I go back through my lessons I will find something. I felt so bad though. But luckily there was no fight at least.. Maybe she needs Anger Management O yeah check out her collar in the pic. It was her 4th of July Collar this year. Last years was a lot cuter but I couldn't find it.

Biscuits (Vegan) Gravy (NV)

Vegan biscuit recipe I found online this morning. It wasn't very good though. I guess it was like a Baking Powder Biscuit.
The Gravy made the biscuits better. I am going to make it again tomorrow morning with soy and different biscuits. I also had 2 pieces of morning star veggie sausage.
I really didn't cook anything else today. I worked all evening so. I didn't even make dinner.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Treats

I made this Vegan Chocolate Cake and Vegan Frosting and it got rave reviews everyone loved it. Our company yesterday runs a Reception Bussness and he said it was the most moist chocolate cake he had ever tried and couldn't believe it didn't have any animal products.
The first thing I made was 7 dozen Vegan Chocolate chip cookies. I messed up the first 2 dozen and had to remake them ( To much flour oops) everyone loved the cookies too. I also made 18 small star cakes for the kids. They turned out cute but not as cute as a was hoping. That late night cooking caught up with me again. The humidity that night kept killing my frosting. I did them in red & blue first and had to wipe it all back off and do it over.
We didn't have anything grand for the actually meal. Store bought veggie burgers, hot dogs, & baked beans. So sorry no new food to blog on. But here to say that everyone loved the treats..!!!!

4th Of July

Every year our little town has a big 4th of July thing. It starts really yeary with a 10k and another run that I can't remember the name of. Then at 10:00am the parade starts. Then when the parade ends there are games and singing up town that lasts all day till around 10:00pm and thats when we have fire works. I havn't been up town in a while for the day time activities. They normally have cake walks and games for the kids and tons of other things. The fire works we always take "C" to see and I like to see them too. Its become a tradition for "J" & I.

10:00 am Parade. This year it had a great turn out. Over a hundred floats.

Tons of horses... Which I'm not a big fan of people riding horses. But I guess if you treat them right it might be ok. I'm not sure how I look at it. Anyways. I love horses. There were probably 30 horses in the parade this year and normally there are only 7 or 8. But I also noticed alot of there hoofs were not taken care of properly and that upsets me.

My Dad knows a couple people that have horses here every year. They always stop and let "C" ride their Male horse Whisky.
Tons of old cars.. This is an old Tow Truck.

Tons of candy was thrown out. We had probably about 10 pounds maybe a little more at the end. We had company and everyone took home lots of candy. More then we have had from a parade in years.