Friday, August 31, 2007

My B-day & "C"s First day of school

"C" waiting for the bus on the first day of school. My 22nd B-day cake.
August 29,2007: My 22nd B-day which kind of freaks me out. Plus "C" had her first day of school ever. She loves it. So I will do "C"s day first. She got up around 7 am and had to catch the bus at 8:27am. But the bus missed her stop. So mom ran her to school. Which turned out to be a good thing because she was really scared. She started to cry but everything worked out. Mom and I both went to pick her up and she was really crabby..But she enjoyed school. So that is really good. She even has some new little friends. Her school has a program where parents ( well me the sister of "C") can go in and read to the kids and work during parties and I think I am going to do that. Mom really isn't into that kind of thing so I think it will be fun. Next My B-day. My 22nd. Which makes me feel really old actually. I see all my friends having babies and I want one. But I know right now probably isn't a good time. I would love to adopt but right now were we live just isn't suitable for kids so. Anyways back to my B-day. It was nice except "J" worked all day. (Thats ok though he is supposed to make it up to me this weekend). But I will run of my b-day list real quick. 4 Seasons of Degrassi (a guilty please of mine), Icing knives, Icing tip set & bag, 2 Matt & Nat wallets ( for those of you who don't know they are an awesome company who makes vegan products) I love my wallets, 3 sisters island books by Nora Roberts (I ordered these But they are from "J" :) ), $50.00, and something my Mom ordered but she hasn't received yet. My Mother also gave me a Bible that my Dads Mom gave her on her 22nd B-day. So That really means the world to me. She passed away when I was around 9. She was a great women and meant the world to me. I have other things of hers. But to have her Bible that she used everyday, that has her writing in it just means so much. So that was emotional for me. Bu I do think its kinda cool that my B-day fell on "C"s first day of school but she was really mad. She said she missed my B-day. :( Pictures will post later.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blueberry/ Dried Cranberrie Muffins TGoV

Well I have cooked a little lately. I tried the Blue Berry Muffin recipe from TGoV. It turned out really good. I made some changes and added some Dried Cranberries. I think next time I will use all dried fruit for mine. "J" loved them I thought there was a few to many blue berries. I used frozen blueberries and they were huge so maybe if I found small fresh berries I would like them more. The berries fault not the recipe. It was just a basic recipe though. Yum Yum...Hopefully more recipes to come... Very soon. Update:Since I made this recipe I made it again and changed a few more things. This time I added 1/2 cup of blue berries and 1/4 cup of dried Cranberries. I really like the dried fruit. This time the muffins turned out just as moist as the first set. But they didn't fall apart like the original did so that was nice and "J" really enjoyed them in his lunch box and that was a good change. I haven't made that many baked goods lately. But I am getting everything cleaned up again so after my yard sale I plan on starting to cook again. O yeah and I am going to make cooking, muffins, & cupcakes to sample & sale at my yard sale which is really exciting for me. I can't wait.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Family Reunions 2007

"C" touching the lake before swimming.
Well every family Reunion in both sides of our family seem to fall in late July and all through August. We always seem to go to my parents reunions and "J" never seems to really want to go to his or maybe feels out of place there. I think next year if the car is running better I am going to try to talk him into going to at least one. There is 3 on his side I think. Any ways. My 2 reunions went very well. Beckley was first and it was a very very good trip. I only get to see them once a year and it is always great. This year it was held at Lake Stephens and the weather was awesome. I learned that my dads side of the family about 5 generations back was original from Austria which I think is pretty cool. After we visited we took "C" down to the lake to go swimming. That was her first time in a lake or anything like it. She had a blast! She was so happy. I didn't spend the former night though and I missed that but we really didn't have the money this year. But thats ok. The 2nd Reunion my Moms family is held every year in the same place. It was really nice as well. We visited with everyone and the weather was also great that day. The only thing about these reunions that I don't like is there is never really anything to eat... I had water melon and bread. So I guess I am going to have to start cooking something that travels about 4 hours and sometimes a night.... Any Ideas? :) Pictures will be posted soon."C" and 2 of our cousin "E"s kids (Dads Reunion) "C" and Shayla (Moms Reunion)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mixed grilled veggies

Well nothing exciting today. I throw together some veggies (Peppers, squash, zuchnini, Onions.) They were cooked on the grill. I had a peper and onion snadwich. I was so engrossed that I forgot to the the other mixed veggies off the grill. Oops.. :)

NO food again...

"AR's" Baby Shower

Well I haven't blogged in forever. And isn't it awful that most of my blogs start out that way. Any ways a lot has happened since my last. I quit my job. Which I should have blogged about sooner. But here is what happened. My erythema nodosun was having a bad spell and I was in a lot of pain. To walk and get up and down stuff like that. So the doctor put me off from work for a week and like 3 days. While I was off from work I went to walmart to get stomach meds one day. A couple days later I went to pick up my new kitchen table which took about 30 min of me sitting at the store. Then the day after I went to get my prescription filled. Well I guess someone seen my out and the 2 main managers were talking about me. The day I went in to so her why I was gone and give her my slip. "D" Wouldn't even talk to me. I said hello 2 times and walked up to her and all she did was turn and walk away. So lets not act like we are kids here. Right. So the story goes on anyways. I handed in my resignation 2 days later. Sorry for going on and on.
My porch is coming along. John has been busy doing other things too. So it has been a slow process. We have planned a trip to my family reunion. I started doing Pilates. Which I have been meaning to do for a while. I really enjoy it. John & I took "C" to the Mannington District fair ( I forgot my camera :( )I am going to another fair I think so I might get to take some pics. I went to "AR"s baby shower. It was really nice to see her. I grew up with her and she is like my sister. I hadn't seen her in a while so I was really glad I went. But in the summer so much goes on.
On September 8th my town is having a Town Wide yard sale. So now I have to go through all of our stuff.Thats not bad though I have been wanting to have a yard sale for a while and have alot of stuff to get rid of. Although I Donated most of my extra stuff last year. But thats catching up on some stuff.