Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas List... Of things to do :)

  1. Watch The Christmas Story- With added cheer bonuses (see The Grinch for examples); Candy Cane Smores or/ and ice cream ornament ( See pinterest)
  2. Order The Nightmare Before Christmas - Smore cresents 
  3. Order/Buy The Grinch who stole Christmas ( The original) ( Excuse the number issue Below ..oops ;)
  1. Watch Home alone
  2. Watch The Grinch that stole Christmas; Make Green Grinch Shakes, and Grinchy Fruits, Grinh cookies (see pinterest)
  3. Watch The Nightmare before Christmas
  4. Do my nails for Christmas with my new red glitter polish 
  5. Make Cookies/ Sweets: Ginger bread cookies, Chocolate chip mint, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter balls, Eggnog thumb print, eggnog bourban balls, Chocolate Gingerbread, Hard Tack Candy, Sugar Cookies, Cinnamon chocolate Pretzels, Gingerbread cheesecake bites, cake/ bread loa like orange cranberry, Chocolate peppermint role, peanut brittle, Cook something in metal cookie cutters, plus a few ...(Speaking of all these yummy, vegan sweets.... Im calorie counting ... Wish me luck) 
  6. Make Salt dough or Cinnamon ornaments with my Lil Sister
  7. Graham Cracker House
  8. Vegan Starbucks Make at home recipes
  9. Finish Christmas shopping/ and Johns Bday shopping
  10. Wrap big box for Christmas Trash
  11. Finish packing Family Warmth Gifts
  12. Buy 2 Christmas CDs 
  13. Put up Christmas tree ( Pray 1 or more of our 7 cats don't destroy it before Christmas)
  14. Plan Johns Bday food
  15. Plan what do to in the house for Johns Vaca
  16. Make a snow globe for my Grandma
  17. Fill out and mail Christmas cards, Dont forget the 3 vet clinics
  18. wrap presents and keep them safe from cats and dogs
  19. Get Christmas Eve PJs
  20. Try to take a family portrait with the Pups (probably Wishful Thinking) To put in Christmas cards
  21. Make Christmas Eve Dinner
  22. Make Christmas Dinner
  23. And of course visit and catch up with Family and Friends
  24. Plan New Years Eve and Day as well as Resolutions...
and I am sure I am missing a few things... But Check out my Pinterest with this link and it will show almost all the recipes that I am going to veganize and alot of the other projects I am working on.. Along with all my other pinterest pages that I would be ecstatic if you followed.... Will update again later with pics and progress... Let me know whats on Your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Etc agendas and how much of it you all get done... Pics would be awesome as well... :) and please if anyone has awesome cookie or project ideas for the other movies like The nightmare before Christmas, a Christmas story, Home alone, etc please let me know... would love to try some of them... 

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