Friday, May 4, 2012

Animal Medical Issues.... Spanxy's Lymphoma & Adrenal Gland Tumor updates

Well... Well.. Well. where should I start....?

Recently after his bath

Spanxy is still hanging in there although his 2 cancers and whatever else is going on in his system is making everything hard to treat. Lets recap He is Lymphoma, adrenal Gland Tumor and an enlarged spleen. Enlarge Spleen which maybe caused by the Lymphoma... Anyways... So he has been on Carafate for probably the last year of his life to keep his gastric ulcers away because the lymphoma is in his intestines. He also goes on and off 2 types of Antibiotics as needed... along with SubQ fluids and syringe feeding when his ulcers are acting up... Which in the last few months haven't acted up at all till just recently and we have had to start his Antibiotics again. He is also on Pred to try to shrink his tumors down and to hold off inflammation in his system as much as possible but this also has its down falls and draw backs... Once you start them on pred for lymphoma it only works for so long... And the cancer is also harder to treat if you decide on an actual treatment but there is no cure and it would only by him a few months... At which he would be sick if we would have done kemo or radiation... So we decided against that and any invasion procedures to remove his viable tumor and enlarged spleen.  The last ferrtonin chip ( helps with symptoms caused by the adrenal gland tumor)  has not seemed to help him get his hair back, with muscle tone, aggression, hind leg weakness, really anything it did help with the first time... In the last 4 months or so he has now started retaining fluid in his abdomen and is having more back leg weakness as caused by the cancers. But there is no cancerous cells in the fluid which is good. So the most invasive thing we have put him through is having the fluid removed from his belly twice... and once we do he is like a new lil Ferret again. So after the 2nd time we started him on Lasik which seemed to help at first but now isn't seeming to help as much and I am going to have to have his belly drained again very soon. He is also eating just chicken baby food, ferretvite, and Ferret duck soup mixed in.. The last two so he can get some vitamins.

It has been a long road... His original estimate was 3 to 6 months of life... and that was almost a year ago... He is our lil fighter there is no doubt about that... He has been so strong but lately he has been worrying me more and more. Fingers crossed and prayers going out that he still has more fight left in him to make it through these ulcers again...

Before his belly was drained
After They drained him lost almost 2 pds

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