Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Newby: Our Marley Man

A couple months ago (Sometime in Feb I think)  when I was out and about... I received a text from my husband that read " I think we have been adopted" I am more in less like what the heck are you talking about ... He came home to a cat running out from under our front porch and into traffic... and the cat just stayed there... So he decided to bring him in...

 No one answered my Found Cat info.. So he is now neutered and lives with us.  Who's ever Cat he was really is missing out  on a great lil Cat. He has the best temperament in a cat I have ever seen. I actually think he thinks he is a dog half the time. He lays on his back in the middle of the floor he hangs out with the dogs... But he loves to "play" or pick on the other & Surprisingly the dogs and cats really didnt take that long to get used to him... He loves to be petted and loved on and he follows me around every where... Which can be annoying but he is just so darn cute I can't be annoyed at him. and he does the cutest stuff... Is he can be so Chill... He is just awesome and we love him so much!!!

So welcoming into our home and our hearts our Mr. Bob Marley (aka My Marley Man)

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